Floor Trusses

Floor Trusses

We specialize in producing floor trusses for all project sizes. Currently, we produce floor trusses up to 33' long and up to 24" deep. Our floor trusses are more cost effective for most projects than other engineered joist. Each truss is custom designed to fit your project. The floor trusses are open web which provides space for plumbing, electrical, and duct work. No cutting is needed. You will save on bracing and installation time with a 3 1/2" wide open web floor truss from Ridgway.

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Commercial / Multi-family:
Ask for Mike at ext 304, Seth at ext. 303, or Daniel at ext. 350.

Residential: Ask for Daniel at ext. 350

Mail hardcopy plans to:
235 SW 11th Place, Gainesville, FL 32601

Email digital plans in DWG/PDF format to: